Scoutmob: a new location-based app

By Todd Bacile | May 17, 2012

 Scoutmob Upon being presented with 25-to-50 local deals that were offering 50%-to-100% off special items, a former Electronic Marketing student of mine exclaimed “My prayers have been answered!” Her enthusiasm was the product of discovering a location-based mobile app named Scoutmob. “While visiting Atlanta I wanted to get the full Atlanta experience while avoiding name brand restaurants,” she said. Stumbling upon the Scoutmob app gave her the information, guidance, and incentives to achieve that goal.

Scoutmob is similar to Groupon, in that it offers affordable discounts to fun places around a large city. However, unlike Groupon you don’t have to purchase couponsto use them. All coupons are free to use. Each deal is only eligible to be redeemed once per person, but if you’re lucky you can become eligible for a Return Perk if you are a good “mobster.” Scoutmob started in Atlanta and has subsequently expanded to other large cities across the United States including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC, with further plans to expand in the future. is very informative providing details on daily deals in your city, articles about what is fun to do on the weekends, and other special events. The app also offers “Curiosities” that feeds you with interesting factoids of the area. Scoutmob will assist you in filling your calendar with affordable activities that will open up a whole new world that you never knew existed. The app is available at no charge to consumers. Don’t have a smartphone? No problem. You can visit to register for e-mail notifications and be considered a “mobster.”

Scoutmob is a creative concept and has great potential in today’s marketplace where discovering a hidden gem is rewarding for consumers and small business owners. Many local economies are sustained by small, niche businesses that need support in these trying economic times. This app provides a small technological boost to get to know cities better and find these hidden treasures of local economies. For more information you can visit their web site, follow @scoutmob on Twitter, or watch this video describing its benefits.


Todd Bacile is a marketing doctoral candidate and instructor for Electronic Marketing and Services Marketing in the College of Business at Florida State University. You can contact him on Twitter @toddbacile

Tessa Revolinski contributed to this post. She is a recent graduate of Florida State University and has the proud distinction of having a higher Klout score than her e-Marketing professor. You can follow Tessa on twitter @mamaswoosh


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